Rancho Pura Verde is located in Western Oklahoma City. We chose this location so that we can serve the entire state (and soon the whole country when appropriate) as we are centrally located. We have vast knowledge and experience in sales/marketing and production. Our partners are customer service oriented consisting of sales experts, grow experts and manufacturing/equipment experts. We are a full-service cannabis company offering a new and creative approach to the cannabis business.

Please ask us about our creative business opportunities to work together.

We offer nursery stock, bud/flower production, manufactured items (oils, extracts, vape, crèmes, etc.), transportation and brokerage services.

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In addition to our agricultural expertise, we are also a full-service extractor and manufacturer. We buy cannabis as input stock as well as provide custom extraction services. Rancho Pura Verde offers a full line of value-added items ranging from vapor cartridges to topical products. Call us to learn more about which options best fit your operation.

Our state-of-the-art nursery and extraction divisions are supported by our in-house transportation department so Rancho Pura Verde has you covered when it comes to cannabis logistics. Whether buying or selling, we will get your product to its destination on time…with ease and efficiency. We service the entire state of Oklahoma weekly and a single phone call is all it takes to get you added to our routes.

With a proven track record, Rancho Pura Verde prides itself as an exceptional marketer of cannabis. Let us help you sell your product using our exclusive brokerage department. We are actively networked with growers and dispensaries, and everything in between, throughout Oklahoma. Let us add value to your next sale! Call today at 405-626-1370.




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